Smartphone Features That Helps Office Workers

Smartphone Features That Helps Office Workers

Smartphones are usually termed as distractions from an employee’s perspective. Rightly replaced but smartphones can actually help a company streamline their employee’s productivity. With the right kind of tools and applications one can streamline they are office work using functionalities in smartphone. In this article we're going to cover exactly that.



01.     Use Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Did you know that with a simple voice command you can always fix up your important ask for the day using Google calendar. Even more you can also get the Google assistant to speak out the schedule for the day using voice functionality 



02.         Use Google assistant voice recognition

Google Assistant

Most of the cases during office hours when you need to type a long email you can always use Google voice for recognition and simply speak into your mic. When the Google assistant will do the rest of the typing for you. This saves lot of time typing your emails and memos



03.     Use Google email schedule features

Google email schedule features

Important emails can always be drafted and scheduled using the new Gmail schedule feature. These help you to capitalize free time and help you plan ahead of your schedule



04.     Use Google lens to search on real time basis

google lens

Want to understand or know more about a particular product that you just saw? Simply use Google lens application on your smartphone to take a photo of the product and Google's image search will do the rest of the work for you. With their proprietary algorithm Google will get the best possible result of the product that you just stand for. You can use it also to directly save information select contact number from a business card.


 Before getting onto the last two to hacks of improving your connectivity using your smartphone let's also look at a possibility where you damage your phone and want to get it repaired. 


In India the top gadget service center is Firstcall Technologies

With more than 8 branches in the city of Chennai Firstcall offers the best mobile service center along with 12 repair guarantee and free pickup and drop service.

They give close to 100 days of spare warranty as well. Calcifying 99% of the service centers usually use Chinese space they don't usually give spare warranty. What Firstcall Chennai gives more than three months’ worth of spare warranty for your smartphones. So to check them out if you are in Chennai And looking out for a service center to repair your smartphone



05.     Use Google drive to store confidential information

google drive

Beat PDF are important presentation videos with the g-suite service you can have unlimited Google Drive storage for your business. This helps you access all your important documents and files on the move with the help of a smartphone. No need to take out a laptop and access your office using remote desktop sharing services simply open your smartphones gdrive and access all your files



06.     Use Google auto sync feature to sync all your emails and schedules

Google sync

With this feature you can sync as many emails on your smartphone along with their schedules with prioritized order simply go to your Gmail and click on add account to add more emails that can manage your schedule


 Hope this article is found informative for you to optimize your productivity in your office using a smartphone.


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